My sensor isn't working - what should I do?


Sometimes the sensor has difficulty connecting or the app says “Poor heart rate signal”. This is usually easy to fix!

• Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on in your iPhone’s settings menu.
• Make sure that the strap is wet (moisten the strap’s two shiny polymer surfaces [the electrodes] under running water before putting on the strap. Then connect in the sensor being sure to snap in both sides.
• Ensure that the strap is snug (but not too tight) around your chest, with the module centered over the bottom of your sternum and the shiny electrodes in full contact with your skin.
• Open the app. If the sensor does not connect automatically, then try the following:
a. Open settings menu in the app (gear shaped icon upper left of start screen).
b. Scroll down to look for a button named “unpair sensor”. If you see this button push it. Confirm you want to unpair.
c. Close settings menu, while continuing to wear the sensor, if needed select “Connect Sensor” and see if this fixes the problem.
• Remove the battery for ten seconds, then put it back in, to fully reset the system. You’ll need a nickel, penny, or screwdriver to turn the cover slightly to open it. When closing the back, be sure to line up the two small dots on the cover and the case before locking it.

A new battery should last for several months, even with daily use provided the sensor is disconnected from at least one snap on the strap between uses.

If it still won’t connect, please let us know and we will provide a new battery or sensor.