How do I get started with Counterpace?


Once you’ve received your Counterpace strap and module follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Download app

Download the Counterpace app from the iOS app store. Open the app to create an account and watch the short orientation video.

Sorry, not yet available on Android.

  1. Prepare strap

Rinse or soak the chest strap under running water and snap on the Counterpace sensor. Unhook and lengthen the strap so that it is snug, but not uncomfortable. Position the strap around your chest with the module centered over your lower ribs.

  1. Try it

In the Counterpace app, tap “Connect Sensor.” If wearing headphones, put them on. It is often easiest to learn how to use Counterpace on a treadmill if you have one available. Select Treadmill, Outdoor or Elliptical and tap Start to begin.

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